12 Keys Keypad
Construction machinery keypad SPM-KEYP-A12

Construction machinery keypad SPM-KEYP-A12

Communication: 1×CAN

Protocol: User-defined

Resource: 12 keys 1×DOH

1. Versatile and User-Friendly Interface

Model: SPM-KEYP-A12

Developed by: SonnePower

Features: 1 channel CAN bus, 1 channel high side output, and 12 silicone keys

Benefit: Provides a flexible and intuitive control interface for various applications.

2. High Level of Protection

Protection: Ensures reliable performance in demanding environments.

Benefit: Suitable for harsh conditions, ensuring continuous operation without failure.

3. Compact Size

Design: Small and easy to integrate.

Benefit: Can be seamlessly incorporated into different systems without occupying much space.

4. High Response Speed

Performance: Quick and efficient interaction.

Benefit: Enhances user experience by providing immediate feedback and control.

5. Long Operational Lifespan

Durability: Designed for extended use.

Benefit: Reduces the need for frequent replacements, offering long-term reliability and cost savings.

6. Wide Range of Applications

Applications: Ideal for various special vehicles such as garbage compactor trucks, drilling rigs, round balers, mining trucks, etc.

Customization: Can be customized to meet specific needs.

Benefit: Ensures that the keypad can be tailored for optimal performance in different types of machinery and special vehicles.

By combining these features, the construction machinery keypad SPM-KEYP-A12 keypad from SonnePower stands out as a reliable, efficient, and durable solution for construction machinery and various special vehicles.

MaterialPlastic housing + Silicone panel
Working Voltage8~32V
Working temperature-40~+85℃
Protection classIP65/IP67 (with cable)

Construction machinery keypad SPM-KEYP-A12

●Communication: Equipped with 1×CAN bus for seamless connectivity.

●Protocol: Supports user-defined communication protocols for flexible integration.

●Resource: Features 12 keys and 1×DOH for versatile control options.

●Status Indicator: Includes an RGB three-color LED for clear status indication.

●Backlight: White adjustable brightness backlight for optimal visibility in various lighting conditions.

●Customization: Offers customized key patterns to meet specific user requirements.

We prioritize quality control, ensuring our products are reliable and safe, and our dedication is validated by CE and ISO9001 certifications. Choose SonnePower’s construction machinery keypads for advanced technology and rigorous quality standards, perfect for demanding applications. Enhance your machinery with our reliable, high-performance keypads today! Contact us to get the most competitive quotation today!

Construction machinery keypad SPM-KEYP-A12