Round Balers

Electric control system of Round Balers

Program system:

The electrical control system of SonnePower Round Baler is based on a 4.3 inch display screen and controller SPC-SFMC-X2214A, which has characteristics such as 8-32V DC wide voltage input, vibration resistance, wide temperature range, and high protection. The 4.3-inch screen display screen in the cab communicates with the baler controller through CAN bus, ensuring stable and reliable communication. The wiring harness is used as the electrical connection between the tractor and the round baler, and the overall wiring harness layout is simple and reliable.

System function:

The 4.3 inch display screen in the electronic control system of the SonnePower Round Balers mainly displays the working process of the bundling machine, including the process status of the action, monitoring the operation of various components, fault status, etc., to reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance for operators;

The controller SPC-SFMC-X2214A mainly collects and controls sensor data of the mesh winding mechanism, transmission mechanism, feeding mechanism, pickup, rear cabin door, bundling chamber, and electromagnetic valve opening and closing;

The display screen and controller are connected through a simple wiring harness, power supply, and CAN cable combination to achieve stable and reliable data interaction. The entire system has a compact structure, clear layout, and stable operation.

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Round Balers