Garbage Compactor Truck

Garbage Compactor Truck

Program details:

The electric control system of compression Garbage truck makes full use of the advantages of SonnePower controller, such as high integration, rich resources, high reliability, and combined with the working characteristics of machinery, hydraulics, and engines to control the corresponding actions of hydraulics and engines by monitoring the status of each proximity switch and command switch, so as to reliably, flexibly, and efficiently complete the compression cycle, unloading cycle, and other work tasks of the Garbage truck.

System function:

Hopper and bin lifting and lowering control;

Automatic cycle, manual cycle, manual pointing control of compressor scraper skids;

Filler opening, closing, lock hook control;

Unloading push plate push out retraction control;

Automatic control of engine throttle speed lifting;

Protection against abnormal proximity sensors.

Garbage Compactor Truck