Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig

Program Details:

Drilling rig is a mechanical device used for drilling holes by rotating and reverse-expanding rock formations. It is powered by both internal combustion engines and electricity. Drilling rigs are not limited to drilling shafts in underground mines,they have also been successfully used in horizontal drilling, ventilation shafts in railway tunnels and power plant projects, underground warehouse transportation channels, and vertical shafts.

The SonnePower's electrical control system is primarily controlled by the SPC-SFMC-X3632A as the main controller. It is equipped with IO module SPC-SDIO-0032, the SPD-070-A display screen, and a backpack-style remote controller. Communication is established through a CAN bus to accomplish various control functions of the drilling rig, including movement, positioning, hole guidance, hole expansion, and auxiliary operations.

The main controller, SPC-SFMC-X3632A, collects data such as hydraulic system pressures and multiple position signals from the mechanical arm, enabling control of power on/off, speed adjustment, drill head advancement, retraction, and rotation, as well as mechanical arm movements.

The IO module, SPC-SDIO-0032, controls functions such as leg movements, upper and lower clamps, and alarm indicator lights.

The SPD-070-A display serves as the human-machine interface, facilitating equipment offline debugging and fault diagnosis, among other tasks.


System Functions:

1.Precise, practical, and rapid automatic rod disconnection function, reducing operational complexity and improving efficiency. Automation technology protects the threads of the drill rods, lowering construction costs.

2.Automatic selection of pressure systems for various operating conditions, ensuring equipment safety and smooth operation of all actions.

3.Wireless remote control operation with a display, providing a clear view of equipment operating parameters and a broad field of vision.

4.The human-machine interface serves as a debugging tool for offline debugging and fault diagnosis, offering a simple and quick solution to reduce downtime for maintenance.

5.High-reliability components are used for key elements, and the control box is equipped with a dehumidification device, ensuring the stability and reliability of the control system.

6.Dual-power and dual-low-voltage power supply scheme, allowing charging from the mains when the battery is depleted.

7.The main motor of the high-voltage cabinet is equipped with various protections: phase loss protection, phase sequence protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and star-delta motor starting to reduce startup current.

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Drilling Rig