7" Screen Display
7" display SPD-070-Ax-K series

7" display SPD-070-Ax-K series

Resolution: 800*480

Total IO: 6(6 inputs /2 outputs) 

The 7-inch mobile machinery display SPD-070-Ax-K series from SonnePower is a capacitive touch screen with a screen resolution of 800*480, contrast ratio of 500, and brightness of 600cd/m2. 7-inch mobile machinery display supports CoDeSys 3.5 programming. It features 2 CAN bus interfaces, 1 RS232 (or optional RS485) serial port, 1 USB 2.0 OTG, 1 Ethernet port (dedicated for program debugging and downloading), 2 CVBS video inputs, and 6 IO resources. This product has high protection level and rich port resources. It can operate in harsh environments with wide temperature range, high humidity, strong vibration, and impact. It is widely used in various fields such as construction machinery, sanitation equipment, mobile devices, and heavy-duty equipment. View our wide industries solution!

Power Supply: 8...32V DC

Resolution: 800*480

Contrast Ratio: 500

Brightness: ≥600cd/m2

2 CAN bus interfaces, supports CoDeSys 3.5 programming

1 standard RS232 communication port, configurable baud rate

1 USB 2.0 OTG (for downloading, debugging, and software updates)

1 Ethernet port (for downloading and debugging)

All input ports support power supply misconnection protection

All output ports have short-circuit and overheating protection

Protection Level: IP65

Supports embedded installation and universal joint fixed installation

7-inch display SPD-070-Ax-K series


Note: The default brightness of the above models is 400cd/m2, Highlight(Brightness ≥600cd/m2

Ordering model suffix is uniformly added with the letter "H"