32 Channels I/O Module
SPC-SDIO-3200 IO module

SPC-SDIO-3200 IO module

The SPC-SDIO-3200 IO module is specially designed for deployment in challenging operational environments, boasting a robust IP67 protection rating. It excels in demanding conditions, including high temperatures, elevated humidity, extreme cold and heat, and environments with strong interference. It finds its utility in various applications such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, sanitation machinery, and other adverse settings.

This module presents a cost-effective solution for tackling the complexities of multi-resource configuration. It addresses the limitations of inflexible high-cost controllers with extensive point configurations by offering a dependable and adaptable multi-resource setup that effectively complements the controller's capabilities.

-The input power range is 8 to 32V, making it suitable for both 12V and 24V sanitation vehicles.

-It complies with the 7637-2 testing standard and passes the tests for electrostatic discharge at 15KV, lightning surge at 4KV, and electrical fast transient (EFT) at 4KV.

-All ports support reverse polarity connection for power and ground. The output ports are equipped with short-circuit and overheat protection.

-All output ports have open-circuit detection functionality, facilitating fault diagnosis.

SPC-SDIO-3200 IO module