Mining Truck

Mining Truck

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In the mining and quarrying industry, mining trucks are essential for efficient and productive operations. These mining trucks need to work closely with key equipment such as drilling rigs, electric shovels, bulldozers, and graders in open-pit mining areas. They often work continuously for several days, covering short and repetitive distances. In such challenging conditions, the requirement for mining trucks is to operate stably and reliably.


The controller, as the most powerful "brain" of mining trucks and similar machinery, determines the operational and safety performance of the equipment itself. The controllers from SonnePower are designed for electrical control systems in mobile vehicles and construction machinery. They feature a compact and rugged design, offer a rich array of input and output channels, and support flexible port configuration. This enables the swift, flexible, and accurate construction of electrical control systems, ultimately saving installation space and electrical costs. These characteristics of SonnePower controllers perfectly meet the demands of mining trucks for stable performance, numerous input and output channels, and complex control logic.


Furthermore, SonnePower controllers employ CAN bus communication, supporting CANOpen, SAE J1939, and custom protocols. CAN bus communication offers advantages like low cost, high reliability, real-time capability, flexibility, and strong resistance to interference. In the harsh operating environment of mining trucks, these features contribute significantly to enhancing operational safety in mining operations. They ensure that the trucks always operate at their optimal levels, facilitating intelligent, safe, and efficient production in open-cast coal mines. SonnePower controllers provide crucial support and assistance to meet the demands of this challenging industry.