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SonnePower Construction Machinery Controller: The Intelligent Engine of Yutong Heavy Industries' Electric Loaders

Yutong Heavy Industries has long been committed to building efficient and intelligent construction machinery, with its electric loaders leading the industry's new development trends. As a key component of this innovation, the SonnePower controller's application in Yutong Heavy Industries' electric loaders provides solid support for performance enhancement and technological advancement.


construction machinery controller

1. Advanced Technology, Outstanding Performance

The SonnePower construction machinery controller adopts embedded software PLC electronic control technology, with the CoDeSys operating system, compliant with the IEC61131 standard, serving as the scheduling core. This injects powerful intelligence support into Yutong Heavy Industries' electric loaders. Through precise control and efficient coordination, the operation of the loader becomes more flexible, precise, and enhances work efficiency and safety.


construction machinery controller

2. Multifunctional Design, Strong Adaptability

The SonnePower controller features a multifunctional design, capable of adapting to various working conditions and operational requirements. Whether in excavation, loading, or transportation, it can flexibly respond, ensuring the stability and reliability of the loader.


construction machinery controller

3. Intelligent Management, Convenient and Efficient

In addition to providing strong performance support, the SonnePower controller also greatly enhances the user experience through intelligent management. By collecting and analyzing data from sensors and other sources, the controller can achieve real-time monitoring and remote management of the loader's working status, providing users with a more convenient and efficient operating experience.


construction machinery controller

4. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, Sustainable Development

As a company actively practicing environmental protection principles, Yutong Heavy Industries also fully embodies its commitment to sustainable development in the development of electric loaders. The SonnePower controller effectively reduces energy consumption and emissions through optimized energy utilization and intelligent control, making a positive contribution to environmental conservation efforts.


The strong collaboration between SonnePower and Yutong Heavy Industries not only enhances the overall performance of electric loaders but also drives innovation and development in the construction machinery industry. In the future, SonnePower will continue to uphold the concept of "Quality Achieves Intelligent Equipment," continuously innovate in technology, and upgrade products, injecting more intelligence and vitality into the field of construction machinery.

construction machinery controller