Off-Highway Vehicle Controller SPC-SFMC-X2024G

Off-Highway Vehicle Controller SPC-SFMC-X2024G

Supports CoDeSys 3.5 programming

44 input, high port multiplexing rate

The X2024G off-highway vehicle controller is developed by SonnePower to provide an advanced control solution for a wide range of mobile applications. Whether in design, integration or application, the X2024G Off-Highway Vehicle controller demonstrates excellent capabilities.

Equipped with 2 CAN buses and 1 serial 232 bus, it provides the system with multiple communication interfaces to meet the needs of different application scenarios. In addition, it has 44 IO resources for a wide range of input and output functions, providing greater flexibility and expandability to meet complex control requirements.

The X2024G off-highway vehicle controller has a high level of protection and is capable of reliable operation in harsh environments. It can performance even under extreme temperature, humidity or vibration conditions.

The high level of integration is another highlight of the X2024G off-highway vehicle controller. Its compact size and versatile interface design allow it to be easily integrated into a variety of mobile applications. In addition, it supports a wide range of communication protocols and programming languages, providing easy development and integration.

The product features a fast response time to control commands in real time, ensuring efficient operation of the system. Whether it is real-time monitoring, data processing or complex motion control, the X2024G mobile controller is capable of completing tasks quickly and accurately.

Supports CoDeSys 3.5 programming

44 input, high port multiplexing rate

2 AB quadrature pulse acquisition

2 CAN, supports CANOpen/SAEJ1939/custom protocols

1 serial port with settable baud rate support

With D+ signal: support for start and shutdown detection

Input and output LED light matrix

All input ports support mis-connected power, ground

All output ports with short circuit and overheat protection

Protection class: IP67

HousingCast aluminium shielded housing
Dimensions (L x W x H)163×140.5×60mm
Working voltage9~32V
Working temperature-40...+85 ℃
Protection classIP67
Total number of input/output44 channels (24 inputs/24 outputs)
InputConfigurable up to 24 inputs

I/O Resources
Port FunctionsNo. of portsDIH/LAIUAIIAIRPIPI(AB)DOHPWMPWMiSensor power supply

★(3A)★(2 groups ofH-bridges)









6★(0-15V)★(4-20mA)★(2 )


★(5/10V 1 channel, 0.6-5V output 1 channel)
Total IO ports44(except for external sensor power supply)

Note 1: The superscripts "H" and "L" denote high effective and low effective respectively; the superscripts "U" and "I" for AI denote voltage and current types of analogue input respectively;

Note 2: "Number of ports" in the table is the sum of the maximum number of ports of the type available when all the reusable ports of the type are reused for that particular type;

Note 3: The "I" indicates that the high/low and input threshold voltages (thresholds) of the DI input type are software configurable;

High product integration and abundant port resources

All ports have diagnostic and protection functions

-All ports support incorrect power and ground connections, and the output ports have short-circuit and overheating protection

-All output ports have open circuit detection function for easy fault diagnosis