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Application of SonnePower 7-inch Display on Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes, also known as mobile lifting and transportation vehicles, are equipment used for lifting, rotating, and hoisting goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic systems. They are widely used in fields such as oil fields, telecommunications, power, factories, cement board plants, various loading and unloading, installation and lifting operations, especially suitable for outdoor lifting, rescue operations, and operations in narrow places such as stations, ports, warehouses, and construction sites.


SonnePower7-inch display

Two 7-inch displays from SonnePowerare installed on the left and right sides of the mobile crane. The master-slave displays show the same information, but their control directions are different, which facilitates the operation and use of the mobile crane.


The displays are connected to the sensors and controllers of the mobile crane, allowing real-time acquisition of various parameters such as boom angle, lifting weight, and balance status, and displaying them in intuitive graphics or digital forms on the screens. Operators can accurately understand the working status of the crane by observing the information on the displays and make timely adjustments as needed. In addition, the displays provide fault diagnosis and alarm functions. Once abnormal conditions are detected, corresponding warning messages are automatically displayed to help operators take measures to avoid accidents.


SonnePower7-inch display

The SonnePower7-inch display also provides data recording and retrieval functions for the mobile crane. With the built-in memory, the display can record abnormal operating data of the crane, including lifting weight, boom angle, and operating time. These data can be used for post-analysis and report generation, helping operators evaluate the usage of the crane.


Furthermore, the SonnePower7-inch display has network communication capabilities. By communicating with cloud platforms or other devices, the display can achieve remote monitoring and data exchange, allowing real-time monitoring of the crane's operating status, location, and maintenance conditions, and providing remote guidance and decision-making.


In terms of protection level, the SonnePower7-inch display has a high protection level of up to IP65, with high durability and reliability, suitable for outdoor operating environments such as mobile cranes. It can significantly improve the operational efficiency, safety, and manageability of mobile cranes, helping to use cranes more safely and efficiently.

SonnePower7-inch display