7" Screen Display
SPD-070-Cx series 7-inch display

SPD-070-Cx series 7-inch display

The 7 inch mobile machine display SPD-070-Cx series features 1 CAN bus interface, 1 Ethernet communication port, and a resolution of 800x480. Additionally, 7 Inch Mobile Machine Display Spd-070-Cx Series  offers high protection level, high integration and fast response speed, making it an ideal choice for displays in distributed application scenarios.

7 Inch Mobile Machine Display Features:

●Programming Support: CoDeSys 3.5 programming.

●Connectivity: 1 CAN port with CANOpen support.

●Communication Interface: 1 Ethernet interface.

●User Input: 8 buttons for user interaction.

●Status Indicators: 2 LEDs for status indication.

●Display: 7-inch screen with 800x480 resolution and 24-bit color.

●Protection: All input ports equipped with power supply misconnection protection.

●Water and Dust Resistance: IP65 protection level.

7 Inch Mobile Machine Display Features:

●Casing: Durable aluminum alloy casing for rugged environments.

●Weight: Lightweight design, only 0.4kg.

●Operating Temperature: Wide operating temperature range from -20 to 70℃.

●Protection Level: IP65 rating for water and dust resistance.

●Display Type and Size: Vibrant 7-inch 24-bit color screen.

●Display Area: Ample display area of 154.07×85.98.

●Brightness Options: Adjustable brightness with options of 400 or ≥600cd/m2.

●Resolution: Crisp resolution of 800×480 for clear visuals.

●Programmable Function Keys: 8 programmable function keys for customizable operations.

●Backlight Keys: 8 backlight keys with independent display and adjustable backlight control.

●Operating Voltage: Wide operating voltage range from 8 to 32 V DC.

●Undervoltage Detection: Automatically detects undervoltage situations (UEE≤8V) with a response time of ≤350ms.

●Power Consumption: Low power consumption, ≤300mA (without external load at 24V voltage).

●Processor: Equipped with Cortex A7 high-performance MCU for efficient processing.

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SPD-070-Cx series 7-inch display