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The Smart Choice for Mobile Controllers: Sonnepower Electronics

The smart choice for mobile controllers: SonnePower Electronics empowers leading enterprises in the mechanical industry.

In today's highly intelligent and automated era, leading enterprises in the engineering machinery industry need reliable and efficient electrical control system solutions to maintain a competitive edge. And this is precisely the area where SonnePower Electronics excels.

SonnePower Electronics' products are widely used in various mechanical industries, including concrete, agricultural machinery, port machinery, mining machinery, road machinery, airport equipment, emergency rescue equipment, oil equipment, aerial work equipment, cranes, AGVs, hydrogen energy, and more.


Controller for mobile machine



In Zoomlion's mixer trucks and fire trucks, SonnePower Electronics' controllers and displays provide intelligent control solutions, significantly improving construction efficiency.


Yinfeng Environment


On Yinfeng Environment's sanitation vehicles, the vehicle's entire electrical control system, with SonnePower products at its core, ensures efficient operation for sanitation machinery.


Weichai Lovol


On Weichai Lovol's combine harvesters, SonnePower Electronics' controllers provide reliable support for automated and intelligent operations.


Zhongzhuo Era


On Zhongzhuo Era's fire trucks, SonnePower Electronics' products are favored and recognized by customers for their strong reliability and stability.


Jinglv Environment


Jinglv Environment's electric cleaning vehicles achieve higher work efficiency and better operational quality through SonnePower Electronics' customized vehicle electrical control system.


Xijing Technology


As the world's first truly all-weather unmanned electric heavy truck, Q-Truck leads the way. The controller provided by SonnePower Electronics is crucial for its long-distance, high-intensity transportation operations.


Chuangyuan High-Tech


On mining machinery in Hunan Chuangyuan, SonnePower Electronics' third-generation controllers help companies implement the concept of green mining, achieving higher production efficiency and economic benefits.


Jiuyao Intelligence


Jiuyao Intelligence's unmanned handling vehicles further enhance stability and safety in various harsh working conditions through core components such as SonnePower Electronics' displays and controllers, driving innovation and development in industrial-grade unmanned driving solutions.


Overall, SonnePower Electronics has established a good reputation in various industry segments with its professional technical strength and extensive product applications. Through continuous research and development and technological innovation, we meet the changing market demands, providing stable and efficient intelligent electrical control system solutions for various machinery. We adhere to strict control over product quality, ensuring that each product undergoes rigorous testing and validation to demonstrate stable and reliable performance.

As engineering machinery and other industries continue to develop intelligently and environmentally friendly, SonnePower Electronics continues to provide innovative solutions to customers, helping various industries achieve high-quality development goals and injecting new vitality and momentum into the industry.

Controller for mobile machine