Programmable Controller for mobile machine

Programmable Controller for mobile machine

Communication: 2✕CAN 1✕RS232

Total IO: 44(24inputs/24outputs)

The SPC-SFMC-X2424A programmable controller is an advanced mobile controller developed by SonnePower. It offers outstanding performance and functionality, providing powerful control for a wide range of mobile applications. More than just a controller, it is a flexible, reliable and highly integrated solution.

With 2 CAN buses and 1 channel serial port 232 bus, the X2424A programmable controller provides a wide range of communication interfaces for the system to meet the needs of different applications. It also provides 44 IO resources for a wide range of input and output functions to meet complex control requirements.

It has a high level of protection and is capable of operating properly in harsh environments. It has been rigorously designed and tested for outstanding reliability and durability. The X2424A mobile controller maintains stable performance, whether under extreme temperature, humidity or vibration conditions.

operating voltage 8.... .32 V DC

supports CoDeSys 3.5 programming

44 input, high port multiplexing rate

2 AB quadrature pulse acquisition

2 CAN with CANOpen/SAEJ1939/custom protocol support

1 channel serial port, baud rate support configurable

with D+ signal: support for start and shutdown detection

1 blue status indicator

all input ports support mis-connected power, ground

all output ports with short circuit, overheat protection

Protection class: IP6

HousingCast aluminium shielded housing
Dimensions (L x W x H)171.3×155.3×51 mm
Assembly4PC M5×60mm screw
Connecting parts60-Pin AMP
Weight1.0 kg
Working temperature-40...+85 ℃
Protection classIP67
Total number of input/output channels44 channels (24 inputs/24 outputs)
InputConfigurable with up to 24 inputs

I/O Resources
Port FunctionsNo. of portsDIH/LAIUAIIAIRPIPI(AB)DOHPWMPWMiSensor power supply

★(3A)★(2 groups ofH-bridges)









6★(0-15V)★(4-20mA)★(2 )


★(5/10V 1 channel, 0.6-5V output 1 channel)
Total IO ports44(except for external sensor power supply)

Note 1: The superscripts "H" and "L" denote high effective and low effective respectively; the superscripts "U" and "I" for AI denote voltage and current types of analogue input respectively;

Note 2: "Number of ports" in the table is the sum of the maximum number of ports of the type available when all the reusable ports of the type are reused for that particular type;

Note 3: The "I" indicates that the high/low and input threshold voltages (thresholds) of the DI input type are software configurable;