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SonnePower Electronic's 10 Varieties of Control Panels

Expanding the Boundaries of Mechanical Intelligence Operations: SonnePower Electronic's 10 Varieties of Control Panels



In order to better meet customer needs, enhance the ergonomics design of engineering equipment, and improve the convenience of equipment operation, SonnePower Electronics has developed and produced over 10 varieties of control panels. These panels employ advanced human-machine interaction technology to ensure the realization of diverse user requirements. More importantly, these panels have a button lifespan of up to 500,000 times, addressing customers' concerns about product durability.


To meet the requirements of various engineering machinery application scenarios, our control panels offer a variety of choices including 8-key, 12-key, 16-key, 17-key, and 20-key configurations. These panels are intuitively designed and user-friendly, enabling operators to easily master equipment operation skills and improve work efficiency.


The Advantages of SonnePower Electronic's Control Panels:


1. Support operation for a variety of industry machinery, including sanitation vehicles, cranes, fire trucks, etc.


2. We understand the different needs of each customer, therefore, we provide free personalized icon design customization services, ensuring that each of your products has its own unique design.


3. Our control panels use high-quality materials and strict production processes to ensure product reliability and stability. Moreover, the products have passed multiple international certifications such as CE, providing you with safety and reliability assurance.


4. All SonnePower Electronic's control panels support CAN communication protocol, boasting excellent scalability and anti-interference capabilities. This not only facilitates integration into existing systems but also provides convenience for future system expansion and upgrades.

SonnePower Electronic's 10 Varieties of Control Panels