Success Case

Application of SonnerPower products on unmanned transport vehicles in ports

The traditional port industry has always been a typical labor-intensive industry. In the past, each lifting operation of a container required the cooperation of multiple people, including at least 7 on-site staff such as operators, conductors, and tallyers. Traditional terminal facilities are outdated, and heavy equipment is difficult to replace. Moreover, the port is often affected by weather conditions, accidents may occur at any time, and the working environment is poor. These problems have become pain points in the development of the port industry.

Application of SonnerPower products on unmanned transport vehicles in ports

In addition, with the continuous increase in the business volume of the port industry and the gradual increase in personnel costs in recent years, it is becoming more and more difficult for enterprises to recruit workers. In order to solve such contradictions, some ports have begun to develop towards the trend of full autonomy and intelligence.

SonnePower, as a harsh environment controller solution provider, also actively applies its self-developed controller and display to driver-less trucks to help make port driver-less trucks intelligent.

Application of SonnerPower products on unmanned transport vehicles in ports

Q-Truck, a full-time driver-less electric heavy truck, is the world's first truly full-time driver-less electric heavy truck developed and manufactured by WESTWELL, a pioneer in the field of driver-less commercial vehicles in China. The vehicle adopts a pioneering cab-less vehicle design and can be applied to multiple scenarios such as ports, logistics parks and highways.

The controller and display screen of SonnePower are applied in the automatic driving control system of the vehicle to control the vehicle load operation and visual monitoring under various complex working conditions, so as to improve the intelligence and work efficiency of the Q-Truck vehicle. The products of SonnePower have a high level of protection and fully meet the requirements of harsh outdoor operations. Regardless of high temperature or low temperature, or heavy rain, day or night, they can work 24 hours a day and ensure that the operating efficiency of Q-Truck vehicles is not affected by the weather factors.

At present, SonnePower is cooperating with a number of port industry manufacturers to seek the minimum cost for customers to realize port intelligence and improve operational efficiency. If you go to the port one day, you will definitely see a group of port unmanned vans equipped with SonnePower products. They come and go, automatically avoid obstacles, cooperate with each other, and plan their paths independently, from day to night, again and again.