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Application of SonnePower products on 120-ton mining trucks

In the mining and quarrying industry, mining trucks are the key to efficient and productive operations. Mining trucks need to work closely with drilling rigs, electric shovels, bulldozers, road graders and other key equipment for open pit mining operations, and may need to work continuously for many days in a single operation, driving relatively short and repetitive distances, and in such tough working conditions, mining trucks are often required to be able to operate stably and reliably.

The controller, as the strongest brain of mining trucks and other machinery and equipment, determines the operating performance and safety performance of the machinery itself.

Application of SonnePower products on 120-ton mining trucks

120T mining truck from XEMG

The world's first 120 ton rechargeable, exchangeable and upgradeable pure electric mining dump truck, which was developed by Xiangtan City, Hunan Province's oldest state-owned enterprise- Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.

The 100-ton electric mining truck integrates pure electric power system, energy management system and AC transmission system, which can work continuously for 8 hours after 1 hour of charging, reducing energy consumption by 50% and operation and maintenance cost by 20% compared with traditional fuel-fired 100-ton trucks, and reducing carbon dioxide emission by about 1400 tons per year for a single truck, truly realizing "zero emission".

The vehicle's high-voltage control cabinet is installed with controller and IO module of SonnePower .

Application of SonnePower products on 120-ton mining trucks

High voltage control cabinet for mining trucks

The controller of Sonnepower is a product designed for electrical control systems of mobile vehicles and construction machinery.It has a compact and sturdy appearance design, rich input and output channels, and flexible configuration of ports, so that it can be more flexible, fast and accurate to build a power control system, saving installation space and saving electrical costs.

These features of Sonnepower controller just meet the needs of mining trucks for stable controller performance, more input and output points, and complex control logic. In addition, Sonnepower controller uses CAN bus communication and supports CANOpen/SAEJ1939/customization.Can bus communication has the characteristics of low cost, high reliability, real-time, flexibility, and strong anti-interference ability. In the harsh environment where mining trucks operate, this is to improve the safety of mining operations and ensure that the trucks are always in the best operating condition , providing assistance for the realization of intelligent, safe and efficient production in open-pit coal mines.