Precision Seeder

Precision Seeder

Program details:

The SonnePower electric control system of precision seeder uses a 7-inch display screen SPD-070-Ax and a controller SPC-SFMC-X2214A as the control core. It communicates through CAN bus and is supplemented by a wiring harness as the electrical connection between the tractor and the seeder. The 7-inch screen has extended functions such as touch operation, video monitoring, GPS positioning, 4G communication, etc.

The controller has a protection level of IP67 and can operate under a wide voltage range of 8-32VDC, meeting the temperature range of -40~+85 ℃. The entire system has a compact structure and strong scalability, which can meet the precision requirements of intelligent agricultural production operations.

System function:

The 7-inch display screen is installed in the tractor cab, which can display the equivalent sowing quality, target sowing length, plant spacing qualification rate, single seed rate, missed sowing rate, double sowing rate, sowing negative pressure, set the sowing row width, number of seeds in the sowing tray, etc. At the same time, it also undertakes some alarm information display, such as low alarm density, high alarm density, and no seeds in the seed box;

The seeding controller is loaded onto the seeder and is responsible for calculating the travel speed, controlling the negative pressure during seeding, collecting the number of seeds to be sown, and controlling the seeding distance. The entire system structure is distributed and has excellent performance;