Foam fire truck

Electric control system of foam fire truck

Program details:

The electronic control system of Sonnepower foam fire truck takes the 7-inch display screen SPD-070-Bx, IO module SPC-SDIO-S1212, and silicone panel SPM-KEYP-A12 as the core, carries out interconnection communication through the CAN bus, supplemented by the whole vehicle harness as the physical connection between the engine and the electrical system of the foam truck. The 7-inch screen has extended functions such as touch operation, video monitoring, GPS positioning, 4G communication, etc. The protection grade of IO module and silicone panel reaches IP67, which can work under 8-32VDC wide pressure, and meet the temperature range of -40~+85 ℃. The whole system is compact in structure, strong in expandability, and can meet the needs of various foam vehicles of the same type.

System function

The foam fire truck is composed of cab, water pump power transmission mechanism, water pump system, foam system, self-protection system and electrical control system. The electrical control system is used to improve the automation of the whole vehicle fire system, and the air-machine-electric integrated manipulation system is adopted.

The electronic control system of SonnePower foam fire truck uses a 7-inch display screen as the vehicle control center, which is mounted on the rear console of the vehicle. It can display the engine speed, water temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, water tank capacity, Class A foam tank capacity, Class B foam tank capacity, water pump inlet pressure, water pump outlet pressure, and water pump operation time. It can control the tank drainage, residual water, and power takeoff cooling water solenoid valve; The valve opening of foam proportioner can be controlled through CAN communication to complete the intelligent automatic mixing system.

The electronic control system is a typical bus based distributed application, with IO module SPC-SDIO-S1212 and silicone panel SPM-KEYP-A12 used to control electromagnetic valves such as tank discharge, cannon discharge, water pressure+, water pressure -, tank injection, external injection, pump vacuum, lighting, tank discharge, Class A external suction, A cleaning valve, and Class B external suction.