Sweeper Truck

Electric Control System of Sweeper

Program details:

The electric system of SonnePower sweeper is based on 7" display, mobile controller, and silicone operation panel. It has the characteristics of 8-32V DC wide-voltage input, shock resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and high resistance. The three main core components and the extension to the auxiliary engine, chassis, GPS module, etc. are all communicated through the CAN bus to exchange data, the communication is stable and reliable, and the layout of the vehicle wiring harness is saved.

System function:

The high-power output of the SonnePower mobile controller has open circuit detection and short circuit protection functions, eliminating the hassle of burning out intermediate relays that need to be replaced. Additionally, the controller integrates functional modules such as voice alarm, flameout device, stabilized power supply, proportional valve drive, etc., which directly process and convert signals through the internal controller, reducing the external interfaces between each module and greatly simplifying the system's wiring complexity, reduced system failure rate, making the system more stable and reliable.

The 7" display screen has been upgraded and improved on the traditional cab operation box, using a touch button combined with a touch screen for operation. The interface display content is richer, making it easier for operators to use and operate. The appearance is beautiful, occupying less space, significantly reducing the number of electrical components and wiring labor, with fewer fault points and higher cost-effectiveness.

The silicone operation panel is equipped with a touch button protected by a silicone sheath for operation, and each button has a tricolor indicator light, providing richer indication content. The design of "symbol+text" makes operation easier to use and operate, not only saving traditional switch wiring, but also avoiding the occurrence of misoperation caused by water entering the traditional tail operation box, with fewer fault points and higher reliability.