Spider Lift

Spider Lift

Program details:

The electronic control system of SonnerPower Spider Type Aerial Work Vehicle takes the 7-inch display screen SPD-070-Bx, controller SPC-SFMC-X3632A as the core, assisted by intelligent IO module SPC-SDIO-1412, inclination sensor, pressure sensor and other signals, carries out interconnection communication through the CAN bus, receives instructions from the strap type remote controller, and realizes the start and stop of the engine of the Aerial work platform, crawler walking, outrigger retraction, turntable rotation, boom pitch expansion Rotating and pitching movements of the hanging basket. The protection level of the controller reaches IP67, which can be installed on the vehicle body exposed, and can work under 8-32VDC wide pressure, meeting the full temperature range of -40~+85 ℃. The whole system has a compact structure, which can meet the safe, reliable and refined operation requirements of the Aerial work platform.

System function:

The SonnePower controller SPC-SFMC-X3632A is installed on the turntable and serves as the control core of the vehicle. It receives commands from the remote control, controls the start and stop of the engine, the opening and closing of hydraulic valves, and achieves the operation of the vehicle;

The intelligent IO module SPC-SDIO-1412 is installed in the platform electronic control box and communicates with the core controller through CAN bus. It is responsible for collecting signal inputs from the switch components on the turntable box and driving the indicator lights;