As a core component manufacturer for mobile machinery electronic control systems and a provider of complete electronic control system solutions, SonnePower has been dedicated to offering high-quality, cost-effective control products and electronic control system solutions to the industry for more than 17 years.

In the field of controller series products, SonnePower has not only assisted numerous OEM customers in achieving domestic substitution for imports but has also developed a new generation of IOT controllers, making significant contributions to the localization and intelligence development of the construction machinery industry. The company's mobile controllers have evolved from the first-generation CFMC series, co-developed with STW, to the third-generation SPL series.


  • Empowering Innovation
  • Research and Development Process
  • Technical Highlights
Empowering Innovation
Empowering Innovation

  SonnePower focuses on technological innovation and has an excellent research and technology team that accounts for over 30% of the total. Its core members all hold master's degrees or above, providing a solid foundation for the company's technological strength. In order to further enhance its technical strength and market competitiveness, SonnePower has established long-term cooperative relations with Central South University, Hunan University and other universities, and jointly built a relatively complete production, teaching and research system.

  As a professional electronic enterprise, SonnePower has always been committed to innovation and has accumulated rich intellectual property rights in the process. As of now, the company has applied for a total of 50 patents, including 13 invention patents, and has authorized over 30 patents. The acquisition of these patents proves the advantages of SonnePower in the field of technology and lays the foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

Research and Development Process
Research and Development Process

1. Market Analysis and Requirement Identification

2. Concept and Planning

3. Design and Development

4. Testing and Optimization

5. Production and Manufacturing

6.Market Promotion

7. Product Launch and Feedback Collection

8. Continuous Improvement

Technical Highlights
Technical Highlights

1. Our new products are customer-driven and undergo specific lab testing.

2. Our R&D and product engineers collaborate closely for customer-aligned solutions.

3. We focus on cost-effective enhancements for product parameters, performance, and longevity.

4. Artistic aesthetics guide our product designs.

5. We are dedicated to delivering highly competitive product development for our customers.