Electric Motor System
MSP38-100S955X1000H400 motor drive

MSP38-100S955X1000H400 motor drive

The MSP38-100S955X1000H400 motor drive is designed with an integrated powertrain concept, integrating motor and electronic control core modules into a single unit, resulting in a motor and control integrated powertrain. This new powertrain product incorporates advanced vector control algorithms and CAN bus communication technology, catering to the efficient assembly and testing needs of add-on systems for sanitation vehicles and construction machinery. It can be applied to motor drive and control systems for add-on applications in sanitation vehicles and construction machinery, offering high reliability, stability, and safety.

The MSP38-100S955X1000H400 motor control powertrain product features compact size, high efficiency, maintenance-free operation, strong electromagnetic compatibility, and convenient debugging. It enhances system reliability and achieves a high level of integration for add-on systems (such as fans, water pumps, and oil pumps) in sanitation vehicles, contributing to a highly integrated drive system.

Specification for MSP38-100S955X1000H400
Rated Voltage576V DCRated Torque955N.m
Rated Power100kwRated Current189A
Rated Speed1000rpmProtection ClassIP67
Cooling MethodLiquid CoolingNumber of Phase3-ohase
Insulation ClassHDuty CycleS9
ProjectIndependent Motor + Motor Controller SolutionIntegrated Powertrain Solution
VolumeLargeIntegrated installation, reduced space occupancy
EMCPoorNo three-phase line magnetic field radiation interference
Assembly & debuggingDifficultPowertrain assembly, simplifying main factory assembly process
NVHPoorPowertrain-level NVH testing
CostHighReduced external connections of high-voltage three-phase wire harnesses, signal wire harnesses, water pipes, brackets, assembly labor hours, lower cost