Electric Motor System
Electric Motor System MSP38-080S382X2000H290

Electric Motor System MSP38-080S382X2000H290

The motor drive is designed with an integrated powertrain concept, where the motor and electronic control are integrated into a single unit. The structural design employs a physically direct connection method, and it utilizes liquid cooling for heat dissipation. This design features compact size, high efficiency, and maintenance-free characteristics, effectively meeting the requirements for efficient assembly and testing on sanitation vehicles.

The motor drive employs advanced vector control algorithms and CAN bus communication technology, applied to motor drive and control systems in sanitation vehicles, ensuring high reliability, stability, and safety.

· Integrated design concept, combining motor controller and motor, facilitating efficient assembly and testing at the main factory.

· High power density and system efficiency, with over 85% system efficiency accounting for more than 85% of the entire operating range.

· Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference and vibration.

· Comprehensive protection mechanisms.

· Wide torque and speed control range, featuring torque control mode, speed control mode, and regenerative braking function.

· Speed control and torque control modes, with control accuracy within 3%.

· High-reliability automotive-grade IGBT power modules.

· IGBT gate drive with integrated protection functions.

· Robust and secure fault detection and handling measures.

· Architectural design in accordance with ISO26262 functional safety requirements.

· CAN 2.0 communication interface.

· System online fault diagnosis functionality.

· Real-time monitoring and modification of controller data parameters through CAN bus PC software, facilitating debugging.

Rated Voltage540V DCDuty CycleS1
Rated Torque382N.mPeak Torque420N.m
Rated Power80kwPeak Power88kw
Rated Speed2000rpmPeak Speed3500rpm
Rated Current165APeak Current181A
Insulation ClassHProtection ClassIP67
Cooling MethodLiquid CoolingConnection MethodY
Control Voltage9~32VWeight115kg
ProjectIndependent Motor + Motor Controller SolutionIntegrated Powertrain Solution
VolumeLargeIntegrated installation, reduced space occupancy
EMCPoorNo three-phase line magnetic field radiation interference
Assembly & debuggingDifficultPowertrain assembly, simplifying main factory assembly process
NVHPoorPowertrain-level NVH testing
CostHighReduced external connections of high-voltage three-phase wire harnesses, signal wire harnesses, water pipes, brackets, assembly labor hours, lower cost