Electric Motor System
Electric motor powertrain MSP38-040S127X3000H210

Electric motor powertrain MSP38-040S127X3000H210

Materialcast aluminium alloy
Working voltagehigh voltage:250 ~ 450VDC low voltage:9~32V
Working temperature-40~+85℃
Rated voltage540V DCRated torque127N.m
Rated power40KWRated current82A
Rated speed3000rpmProtection gradeIP67
Cooling typeLiquid coolingPhaseThree phases
Insulation gradeHDutyS1

The MSP38-040S127X3000H210 is a cutting-edge integrated motor electric control powertrain that embodies the concept of seamless power integration. It brings together essential components of electric control and motor functions into a single, cohesive unit.

Powered by state-of-the-art vector control algorithms and leveraging the capabilities of CAN bus communication technology, this innovation is tailor-made to streamline the assembly and optimization processes for sanitation vehicles and engineering machinery systems.

With its adaptable design, the MSP38-040S127X3000H210 finds its sweet spot as the driving force behind the motor control systems of sanitation vehicles and engineering machinery. The system ensures exceptional reliability, unwavering stability, and paramount safety standards.

- Broad range for controlling both speed and torque.

- Achieves precision control within 3% for both speed and torque modes.

- Utilizes dependable automotive-grade IGBT power module.

- Equipped with IGBT gate driver featuring built-in protection.

- Ensures trustworthy fault detection and effective countermeasures.

- Designed in accordance with ISO26262 safety standards.

- Facilitates seamless communication through CAN 2.0 interface.

- Employs online fault diagnosis for sensors and electric controllers.

- Allows easy parameter adjustments via monitoring software.

Compact yet powerful, the MSP38-040S127X3000H210 offers high efficiency and maintenance-free operation. With robust electromagnetic compatibility and user-friendly debugging, it enhances system reliability. This innovation seamlessly integrates the sanitation vehicle's drive components like fans, water pumps, and oil pumps, streamlining the entire system.