Modular controller for construction machinery SPC-SFMC-X2214A

Modular controller for construction machinery SPC-SFMC-X2214A

The SPC-SFMC-X2214A modular controller is an advanced controller designed for construction machinery vehicles and is fully developed by SonnePower.

The SPC-SFMC-X2214A modular controller has a wide temperature range and wide voltage input, which makes it suitable for various harsh working environments. The controller operates stably in both extreme high and low temperature conditions. In addition, it has excellent vibration resistance, enabling it to work reliably in vibration-prone construction machinery environments.

The protection level of this product has reached IP67, which means it has excellent dust and water resistance performance. Whether facing dusty construction sites or wet environments, the SPC-SFMC-X2214A modular controller will remain operational and protect the internal electronics from damage.

The SPC-SFMC-X2214A modular controller is programmable and can be customized according to the specific needs of construction machinery. It provides flexible interfaces and communication protocols, enabling seamless integration with various sensors, actuators, and external devices, achieving precise motion control and intelligent functions.

*High integration and abundant resources

*D+ function and start/stop detection support

*All ports support misconnection of power supply and ground, and the output port has short-circuit and overheat protection

*Open circuit detection function and fault diagnosis facilities

Programming and port configuration

Programming systemsSupport for CoDeSys 3.5 programming
Supports CANopen/SAEJ1939/Custom
CAN2 channels
Total I/Os29 channels (22 inputs and 14 outputs)
22×DIH/L; 14×AIU; 4×AIR; 2×AII; 4×PI; 1×PI(AB) 14×DOH; 2×DOL; 5×PWMiH; 7×PWMH; 2×PWML 1×H-Bridge 1×Vout(+5V/10V, Max 250mA


Working voltage8...32 V DC
Working temperature-40~+85℃
Protection classIP67
Weight0.25 kg

Housing and connectors

Housing materialPBT
Dimensions (L x W x H)133.3×116.4×36.2 mm
Connections42-Pin AMP