Mobile Machine Controller SPC-SFMC-X3632A

Mobile Machine Controller SPC-SFMC-X3632A

HousingCast aluminum shielded housing
Assembly4 pcs M5×30mm screws
Working temperature-40~+85℃
Programming EnvironmentCoDeSys3.5
Total I/O66 (36 Inputs / 32 outputs)
Protection classIP67

The mobile machine controller SPC-SFMC-X3632A is independently developed by SonnePower based on CODESYS3.5 programming. It is equipped with 3 CAN buses, 1 RS232 serial communication, 66 IO resources, and high degree of port multiplexing. At the same time, the port also reuses output resources, which can directly drive the magnetic valve. It also has 14 PWM and 2 H-bridge functions. In addition, the product also has the advantages of high protection level, small size, high integration, high response speed, etc., making it an ideal choice for the main controller in distributed applications.

IO: 66 (36 inputs / 32 outputs)

Communication: 3×CAN, suopport CANOpen/SAEJ1939/custom

28×AIU, 36×DI, 2×AIR, 8×AII, 8×PI, 2×PI(AB)

4×DOL, 8×PWMiH, 14×PWMH, 4×PWML, 2×H-Bridge

1 Blue status indicator

IP class: IP67

1) Comply with IEC-61131-3 standard; support CODESYS 3.5 programme

2) High product integration level, rich resources

3) D+function, support start & shut down detection

4) All ports have diagnosis & protection

-All ports support power/ground misconnection & output ports have short circuit/overheat protection.

-All output ports have open circuit detection function, convenient for fault diagnosis.