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SonnePower's Display Empowers's Smart Autonomous Sweeper in Shanghai, a leading provider of unmanned cleaning and sanitation technology services since 2017, is committed to improving urban living by applying autonomous driving technology to urban sanitation scenarios. The company established China's earliest Robotaxi fleet in Shanghai and obtained the world's first unmanned sweeper road test license in 2019. Today, has over 150 autonomous sweepers worldwide, deployed in more than 20 cities globally, with a cumulative real operating mileage exceeding one million kilometers.


E~){O{$L`WG{W}}Z7MF%2TH.png's compact fully autonomous sweeper is equipped with multiple high-end sensors, including LiDAR, cameras, mm-wave radar, and ultrasonic radar, enabling 360-degree perception of surrounding road conditions for thorough and efficient cleaning. Its unique articulated design allows for agile turning and maneuvering through narrow passages. Additionally, the vehicle combines washing and sweeping capabilities, featuring a water tank twice the size and a wastewater tank three times the size of comparable compact sweepers. The adjustable nozzle can suction large debris such as stones and bricks, revolutionizing urban sanitation work by completing the workload of 10-20 sanitation workers in a day.



The sweeper's cabin is equipped with SonnePower's 7-inch display. The screen provides real-time image display and feedback, allowing the driver to clearly observe the vehicle's surroundings, including road conditions and obstacles. Furthermore, the screen provides vehicle status information such as speed and battery level. This intuitive display enhances driver awareness of vehicle operation, improving safety and comfort. SonnePower's 7-inch display serves not only as an information display platform but also as the vehicle's control center, featuring control buttons and menus for driver interaction via touchscreen.



In summary, SonnePower's 7-inch display application in's compact fully autonomous sweeper not only enhances information display and operational experience for drivers but also increases the vehicle's intelligence and driving convenience.



Currently, SonnePower offers a diverse range of 7-inch display products, including the Ax, Bx, Cx, Ex, and Fx series. These products boast strong compatibility and scalability, allowing customers to customize display configurations according to different requirements, including adding 4G communication, video input, and Beidou positioning. With features like high waterproofing, shock resistance, and heat resistance, the displays can operate stably in harsh environments. Moreover, the SPD-070-Ex and SPD-070-Fx series display have shorter boot times, enabling faster response to user commands and operations.

SonnePower's Display Empowers's Smart Autonomous Sweeper in Shanghai