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New Heights in Smart Drive Efficiency | SonnePower Forklift Control System

The SonnePower Forklift Control System boasts high efficiency, multifunctionality, and broad adaptability as its core advantages. Its design and application have optimized and transformed the traditional manual handling model, meeting the logistics and warehousing industry's urgent need for energy savings and intelligent control. This system not only significantly enhances the energy efficiency of forklifts but also improves the working environment and reduces the labor intensity for workers. It plays a crucial role, especially in high-intensity, repetitive, and even hazardous material handling operations.


Forklift Control System

The system is centered around the SPD-070-Ex series display and the SPC-SFMC-X2424A controller, forming a highly efficient intelligent control system. The SPD-070-Ex series 7-inch display features quick startup and full-touch operation, providing operators with an intuitive and convenient work interface. It monitors the forklift's operational status in real-time, integrates video monitoring and data storage functions, ensuring that critical information is always accessible and providing solid support for efficient operations.


The SPC-SFMC-X2424A controller boasts an IP67 protection rating and can operate stably within a wide voltage range of 8-32VDC. It maintains high-efficiency and stable performance even in extreme temperature environments from -40℃ to +85℃.


The entire control system is compact and highly expandable, allowing for customized configurations according to different forklift types and application scenarios. It meets various high-end demands for forklifts in terms of specialization, intelligence, automation, and safety.


Forklift Control System

The main components of the forklift include the battery and BMS management system, charging equipment, drive motor, hydraulic pump motor, cockpit dashboard, vehicle controller, various working valve components, remote algorithm modules, electric control handles, and a series of precision sensors. The SonnePower Forklift Control System adopts a bus-type distributed control structure, encompassing precise control of various complex movements of the forklift, such as lifting, tilting, and forward and backward motions.


The controller and IO modules achieve precise control of steering, movement, motor drive, and hydraulic valves by collecting data from sensors measuring pressure, angle, and other parameters. The display intuitively shows motor status, battery level, interface connection status, and any possible fault information, ensuring that operators can promptly understand and address potential issues, thereby ensuring that the forklift operates safely and efficiently around the clock and in all conditions.

Forklift Control System