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SonnePower Control System for Sugarcane Harvesters

The SonnePower control system for sugarcane harvesters is an electrical control system designed specifically for sugarcane harvesters. It aims to improve harvesting efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and achieve precise, intelligent sugarcane harvesting processes through professional and mature technological advantages.


This system, with the SPD-070-Bx series display and SPC-SFMC-X2424A controller as its core, communicates through CAN bus interconnection. The 7-inch display features full-touch operation, video monitoring, 4G communication, and other extended functions. The controller has a protection level of IP67, can operate under a wide voltage range of 8-32VDC, and meets the full temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The compact and expandable structure of the entire SonnePower control system can meet the specialized, intelligent, automated, and efficient requirements of sugarcane harvesters in smart agricultural production operations.


Efficient Harvesting: Reshaping the Sugarcane Harvesting Process

One of the core advantages of the SonnePower control system for sugarcane harvesters is its efficiency. Utilizing professional automation control technology combined with sensor data, the system can precisely guide the coordinated operation of the cutting blades, conveyors, and leaf stripping devices, achieving an integrated process from sugarcane standing to loading and leaf shredding. This not only greatly improves harvesting efficiency but also makes the entire process smoother and more efficient.



Simple Operation: A Paragon of User-Friendly Design

In terms of operation, the SonnePower control system for sugarcane harvesters truly achieves simplicity without complexity. With an intuitive 7-inch touch screen or dedicated keypads, operators can adjust system parameters or start/stop the harvesting process at any time. At the same time, the system's intelligent fault diagnosis and prompt functions make fault troubleshooting and repair effortless.

SonnePower Control System for Sugarcane Harvesters