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SonnePower Aircraft Towing Vehicle Control System: Ushering in a New Era of Smart Ground Operations at Airports

The SonnePower Aircraft Towing Vehicle Control System is a high-performance electrical control system specifically designed for airport ground aircraft towing vehicles. Its original design intention is to comprehensively enhance the safety, efficiency, and intelligence level of aircraft towing operations, bringing revolutionary changes to airport ground operations.


The system is centered around the SPD-070-Ex series display and the SPC-SFMC-X3632A controller, both closely coupled and interact in real-time through CAN bus communication technology. The SPD-070-Ex series display, with its swift start-up speed, intuitive touch and button operation interface, and integrated functions such as video monitoring and data recording, significantly enhances the operator’s ability to comprehensively monitor and manage the towing vehicle's status. The SPC-SFMC-X3632A controller is known for its industrial-grade rugged design, IP6  7 protection rating, and ability to operate stably within a harsh voltage range of 8-32VDC and extreme temperatures from -40℃ to +85℃.


The entire control system has a compact and highly scalable architecture, capable of flexibly adapting to the specialized needs of aircraft towing vehicles, including but not limited to automated control, intelligent diagnostics, precise traction force distribution, and safety assurance. Specifically, the system ensures smooth, accurate, and safe aircraft towing by real-time monitoring and precise control of key components such as the towing vehicle's motor, battery power, transmission system, steering and walking mechanism, hydraulic valve actions, and lighting control.


Aircraft Control System

The significant advantages of the SonnePower Aircraft Towing Vehicle Control System are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. High Integration:


The bus-type distributed architecture constructed with the core controller and display  achieves comprehensive integrated control.


2. Strong Environmental Adaptability:


The core components of the control system have a wide voltage operating range and wide temperature working capabilities, suitable for various complex climatic conditions at airports.


3. Rich Intelligent Functions:


The entire control system integrates advanced functions such as real-time monitoring, data analysis, and video monitoring, effectively enhancing operational convenience and safety.


4. Reliability and Durability:


The entire control system adopts high-standard protection designs to ensure long-term stable operation under harsh working conditions.


5. Customizable Expansion:


Flexible system configuration allows for personalized expansion and customization according to the different requirements of aircraft towing vehicles.


6. Comprehensive Control Capability:


Coverage of status monitoring and control for all major systems of the aircraft towing vehicle ensures fully controllable and efficient towing operations.


In summary, the SonnePower Towing Vehicle Control System, with its high performance and rich features, opens a new chapter in smart ground operations at airports, injecting new vitality into the safety and development of the aviation industry.

Aircraft Control System