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Closing Journey of the 2024 SonnePower Team Building

Forging Unity and Exploring a Quality Future Together—Closing Journey of the 2024 SonnePower Team Building



In 2023, every employee of SonnePower silently contributed and worked hard in their respective positions, contributing their efforts to the company's development. To recognize everyone's hard work and promote understanding and communication among employees, Recently, SonnePower organized a unique team-building activity.


The destination of this team-building activity was a vibrant indoor recreational center. Here, everyone engaged in a series of challenging and fun team-building games, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, and high-altitude swings. Amid screams and cheers, each employee experienced a feeling entirely different from their daily work routine.



This team-building activity not only left behind beautiful memories but also profoundly interpreted the cohesion and corporate culture of SonnePower. SonnePower has always focused on building team cohesion and corporate culture. Through this activity, employees gained a deeper understanding of the company's core values of "Quality Achieves Intelligent Specialized Equipment," further igniting their sense of identification with the company's mission and vision.


In the days ahead, we believe that every employee of SonnePower will continue to promote teamwork and write even more brilliant chapters.

Closing Journey of the 2024 SonnePower Team Building