9 Channels I/O Module
Input and Output module

Input and Output module

Communication: 1✕CAN

Total IO: 9(2 inputs/7 outputs)

Max. Load: 40A

2 DIH inputs

1 PWM output with current feedback, rated current 6A

3 H-bridge outputs, rated current 15A

1 CAN, support CANOpen

1 status indicator

All input ports support misconnection of power and ground.

All output ports with short-circuit and over-temperature protection.

Protection grade: IP67

Input and Output module SPM-SDIO-MD2

-High current, multiple output ports, high protection class

-All ports have misconnected power and ground protection,

-The output port has short-circuit and overheating protection

-All output ports have open circuit detection function for easy fault diagnosis

Housing MaterialAluminum
Size100×91×64.1 mm
Installation2 x M5×30 (side) or 2 x M5×10 (bottom) screw mounting
Connector16-Pin Tyco
Working temperature-40...85 ℃
Protection classIP67
Total IOs9 channels (2 input/7 outputs)
IO Resource2xDIH; 3xH-Bridge(3A); 1xPWMiH/DOH(6A)
InputUp to 2 inputs can be configured