9 Channels I/O Module
IO module MD1

IO module MD1

Communication: 1✕CAN

Total IO: 9(1 inputs/8 outputs)

Max.Load: 21A

SPM-SDIO-MD1 high-power IO module is equipped with 1 CAN bus, 1 DIH, 2 PWM outputs, and 3 H-bridge outputs. Additionally, this product features high protection level, high integration, and high response speed, making it an ideal choice for IO modules in distributed application scenarios.

Input and Output module SPM-SDIO-MD1

· 1 DIH input.

· 2 PWM outputs with 6A rated current and current feedback.

· 3 H-bridge outputs with 3A rated current.

· 1 CAN bus with CANOpen support.

· 1 status indicator light.

· All input ports support reverse power supply and ground connection.

· All output ports have short-circuit and overheat protection.

· IP67 protection level.

Housing MaterialAluminum
Size100×91×64.1 mm
Installation2 x M5×30 (side) or 2 x M5×10 (bottom) screw mounting
Connector16-Pin Tyco
Working temperature-40...85 ℃
Protection classIP67
Total IOs9 channels (1 input/8 outputs)
IO Resource1xDIH; 3xH-Bridge(3A); 2xPWMiH/DOH(6A)
InputUp to 1 inputs can be configured