8 Channels I/O Module
Intelligent Distributed IO

Intelligent Distributed IO

Communication: 1✕CAN

Total IO: 8(8 outputs/8 inputs)

Max. Load: 15A

The SPC-SDIO-S0808SPK Intelligent Distributed IO is an affordable smart IO device developed by SonnePower. It features 1 CAN bus, 8 IO resources, and supports high-level voltage signal collection. With 3A output capacity, it can directly drive devices like electromagnetic valves. It offers high protection level, compact size, flexible port configuration, and fast response speed. It is an ideal choice as the main controller for distributed applications.

★ 1×CAN, support CANOpen

★ IO: 8 (8 inputs / 8 outputs)

★ 1 channel reversing alarm signal input

★ 1 channel 30W voice alarm (can be switched to 2 channels)

★ Integrated Voice Amplifier

Intelligent Distributed IO application

Manufacturing Automation: In manufacturing environments, Intelligent Distributed I/O is employed to streamline production processes, enabling real-time monitoring and control of equipment and machinery.

Smart Buildings: In the realm of building automation, Intelligent Distributed I/O plays a crucial role in managing and controlling lighting, HVAC systems, and security devices, contributing to energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Transportation Systems: Intelligent Distributed I/O is integrated into transportation systems, such as traffic control and railway networks, for efficient monitoring and management of signals, switches, and safety systems.

Energy Management: In the energy sector, this technology is utilized for monitoring and controlling power distribution, renewable energy sources, and optimizing grid operations.

Water Treatment and Utilities: Intelligent Distributed I/O is applied in water treatment plants and utility systems for real-time monitoring of pumps, valves, and other equipment, ensuring effective and reliable operations.

Process Automation: Across various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing, Intelligent Distributed I/O is employed to automate and control complex manufacturing processes.

Robotics and Industrial Automation: In robotics and automation applications, Intelligent Distributed I/O facilitates seamless communication between sensors, actuators, and control systems, enhancing the performance of robotic systems.

Housing MaterialAluminum
Size100×91×39.1 mm
Installation2 x M5×30 (side) or 2 x M5×10 (bottom) screw mounting
Connector16-Pin Tyco
Working temperature-40...85 ℃
Protection classIP67
Total IOs8 channels (8 inputs/8 outputs)
IO resource8×AIU(0-10V)/DIH; 8×DOH(3A)
InputUp to 8 inputs can be configured

-The input power range is 8-32V, suitable for both 12V and 24V specialized vehicles.

-It meets the 7637-2 testing standard, passing static electricity tests of 15KV, lightning tests of 4KV, and EFT (electrical fast transient) tests of 4KV.

-All ports have protection against wrong power supply and wrong grounding

-The output port has short-circuit and overheat protection

-All output ports have open circuit detection function

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