4.3" Screen Display
4.3” CAN Bus Display Ax series

4.3” CAN Bus Display Ax series

Communication: 2 ✕ CAN

Total IO: 8 (4 inputs/4 outputs)
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The SPD-043-Ax series is a 4.3" CAN Bus display developed by SonnePower. It is a display screen based on Codesys 3.5 programming. The product features a screen resolution of 480*272, a contrast ratio of 450, and a brightness equal to or greater than 400cd/m2. It has 2 CAN bus interfaces, 1 RS232 serial port for communication, 8 IO resources, and high port multiplexing.

Why Choose SonnePower CAN Bus Display?

CAN Bus Display has the advantages of compact size, high integration, and fast response speed. Can bus display can operate in harsh environments such as wide temperature ranges, high humidity, strong vibrations, and impacts. It is widely used in various fields, including engineering machinery, sanitation equipment, mobile devices, and heavy-duty equipment.

Elevate your control experience with SonnePower's cutting-edge CAN Bus Display. Our display canbus screen seamlessly integrates advanced features with an intuitive interface,
ensuring real-time data access and control precision. SonnePower's commitment to excellence extends beyond the display canbus, offering a proven track record of innovation, reliability,
and customer satisfaction. Choose SonnePower for a CAN Bus display that combines technological prowess and user-centric design, setting new standards in performance and

CAN Bus Display SPD-043-Ax

Display Canbus Size124 x 109 x 44.2 mm
Display Can Bus Housing MaterialPlastic
Can Bus Display Screen Working voltage8~32V
Display Canbus Working temperature-20~+70℃

1. SonnePower's advanced can bus display screen, the SPD-043-Ax series, features a 4.3-inch display and is powered by a 32-bit high-performance MCU.

2. This can bus display boasts a resolution of 480 * 272, a contrast ratio of 450, and a brightness of ≥ 400cd/m2, ensuring clear visibility in various lighting conditions.

3. With 8 channels of IO resources and a high port reuse rate, this can bus display screen offers versatile connectivity options for integration into diverse systems.

4. The inclusion of 2 can bus channels, which support Codesys 3.5 programming, enhances its adaptability and functionality in control applications.

5. In addition to its can bus display capabilities, the SPD-043-Ax series is equipped with a standard RS232 communication port, with configurable baud rates, facilitating seamless integration with other devices.

6. Moreover, all input ports are designed to support incorrect power and ground connections, while all output ports come with short-circuit and overheat protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system.

7. With an IP65 protection level, this can bus display screen is well-suited for operation in challenging environments, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including engineering machinery, mobile devices, and heavy-duty equipment.

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