4.3" Screen Display
4.3” Agricultural Machinery Display Bx series

4.3” Agricultural Machinery Display Bx series

Communication:1✕CAN 1✕RS232

Total IO: 34(30 inputs/4 outputs)

SPD-043-B is an economical display developed by SonnePower, adopting a 4.3-inch LCD screen and designed based on CoDeSys 3.5 programming platform. The product has a number of outstanding features, suitable for a variety of harsh environments in the field of construction machinery, sanitation equipment, mobile equipment, heavy equipment and so on.

The display has a resolution of 480*272, which can present delicate and clear images. Adopting 24-bit colour screen technology, the colour is vivid and rich, providing users with a better visual experience. The brightness reaches more than 400cd/m2, which can maintain good visibility even under strong light.

The SPD-043-B is equipped with a wealth of communication interfaces, including 1 CAN bus, 1 RS232 serial port and 1 USB2.0 port. These interfaces provide a variety of connection options for easy data exchange and communication with other devices. In addition, the product provides 34 channels of IO resources and port high multiplexing function, making it more flexible and diversified.

Housing MaterialPlastic
Size124 x 109 x 41.6 mm
InstallationEmbedded installation
Connector3* 16-pin AMP
Working voltage8~32V
Working temperature-20~+70℃
Protection classIP20, Front IP65
Display screen type and size4.3 inch 24 bit color screen
Display area95.04×53.86
Number of programmable function keys10 keys with backlight
Input/output channel/IO totalConfigurable (30/4/34)
InputConfigurable up to 30 inputs

· High-performance 32-bit MCU providing excellent computing and processing capabilities.

· High-definition display: Equipped with a 480*272 resolution screen, featuring a contrast ratio of 450 and a brightness of ≥400cd/m2, delivering clear and bright image display.

· 8-channel IO resources with high port multiplexing rate:

· 2 CAN interfaces with support for Codesys 3.5 programming, enabling flexible communication and control functions.

· Standard RS232 communication port with configurable baud rate: It provides 1 standard RS232 communication port with configurable baud rate, facilitating serial communication with other devices.

· Robust circuit protection: All input ports support reverse power supply and ground connection protection, preventing device damage. All output ports come with short-circuit and overheat protection, ensuring safe and reliable output signals.

· Protection rating: IP65: It has an IP65 protection rating, effectively safeguarding against dust, water splashes, and solid particle intrusion, suitable for harsh working environments.

-Excellent readability under sunlight

-Best-in-class CPU performance

-Sleep mode - wake up in < 0.5 seconds

-Advanced graphical capabilities including picture-in-picture, overlays, and transparency effects.